Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some of my works recently

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Pictures I post here will be posted on other platforms as well!

Thank u for your support!
I will be away from 11-14 may! U can still text me 9026 1583 for appointments!


  1. This dress fits me perfect. I wore this to a black dress party and it was a hit! Fair warning I couldn't wear a bra with it but a couple band-aid's did the trick.
    kate spade purses

  2. Hello..
    Sorry to bothering u..
    I want to ask,,are u open a nail course? if you open a nail course,,can I get a price?
    Can u send me a price at my email?
    My email:
    Im from indonesia,,surabaya..

    Btw,,thank u very much..
    Hope u reply my message as soon as possible..




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