Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Japanese Style

oval shaped and pointed shaped nails are very popular in Japan, but there are jus a handful of customers I have that are willing to try out these shapes.

Here i did an oval shaped set of nails for this lovely babe (:

this set of nails are quite long, but it makes your fingers look longer and prettier dont they?
lovely pastel colourss...

mint green thumbs.

posing with my mini Rilakkuma plush (:

overview (:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hearts & Ribbons

this is one of the designs i received enquiry on alot.
alot of babes email me this design and i finally get to do it.. did this quite long ago!
i have alot alot of back logs to do! bear with me!

mini hearts and ribbons!

very very girly design! shout pink!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Glitters on French

patted glitter over her french extensions, and this girl is willing to try out-of-the-norm colours for her ribbon (:

turn out quite eye catchy ya^

simple hearts n crystals on her thumbs~

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French Petals

for a bride (:
those of u who scroll thru my archieves should see this design b4 in pink (:

oval shape nails looks lovely too (:

Inverted French

its good to see something different once in awhile.
black inverted french on overlay nails.

very simple design. i kind of like it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

FB Page

Hello! I jus updated my rotting FB fanpage with nail photos that I won't be posting here! Happy viewing!
Do get your friends to "Like" my page!!

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Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi babes!!

I've an ongoing promotion from now till end of may!
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Free express pedicure / foot scrub with any designs chosen! All prices includes a set of nail extensions and nail art!
*terms and conditions apply*

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Airbrush Affair

take note of my new email address (:

i cracked my brain to do the base design for this set of nails.
airbrush gradation base and handpainted lace, the base itself took long enough :p

take a closer look at the base colours (:
simple pastel flowers and ribbons ahhh... lovely!

crystals and pearls embellishments!

peach ribbons.

like it?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another bridal nails

love this neutral colour combination (:
hand painted swirl patterns and floral designs~

thumbs design (:
bling bling!

Mint Kitty

take note that my email has been changed to !
my old account has been hacked into :(
please resend any enquiry u have to that email!

spell SWEET (:
one of the many hello kitty sets i've done and customer requested for a mint colour kitty (:

and she flew off to japan with these gorgeous nails (:

received alot of compliments from nihonjin!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My email got hacked.

Dear babes!

my old email got hacked into and im unable to retrieve my account as it has been abused. even my facebook account got hacked into :( im gg thru soo much trouble now..

I've created a new email, please update and take note of my new email!
please email to from now on!
do resend any enquiry u sent to my old email!
apologies for the inconveniences!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cool Goth.

the whole outlook of this set is suppose to be dark and mysterious~
but in the end its pretty cute after adding on the flowers and ribbons~~

my newly bought rectangle blings~
i really want to stuck them on my own nails as well!

cute flowers~ im not sure what to name them.. so jus, cute flowers :)

I suddenly feel very inspired to do this set on my own nails~
but the thought of the time that im gg to take to do it jus sets me back every time. lol~

hope u all love this set of nails as much as i do!

of hearts and bows

pearl gold colour extensions and airbrush lace as base (:
simple bows n hearts~~

hope u love it!


a set of bridal shoot nails for a friend of mine (:
a set of pink acrylic overlay and handpainted laces!

3D heart with rainbow colours!

French Florals

for brides who prefers a simple design yet at the same time have a tinge of floral designs

suitable for ROM or photoshoots!

Not suitable for the young

picture says it all. this is an interesting combination but yea.. the words on the nails were requested by my customer (:

this is cute yet........


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