Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kitty Guru

this is really ooo lala!! this pink-red combination is eye catchy!
and notice is not the norm square shape nails!

oval nails is nice too don't u agree?
i've been doing kitty nails for xmas so i don hav any xmas theme nails to post :x
its all Hello Kitty ^

love the last finger and thumb.
it looked simple but its actually made to look like a wrapped present~

it looked like a present doesn't it?

its realllllyy cute!


its a one time off design as this set is basically filled with charms~
title says it all...

this babe is really daring and i give her thumbs up for being able to do baking with this set of nails!

little angel charm and pink heart shape crystal on both thumbs~

Made of Rainbow

a set of acrylic overlay with many crystal embellishments~
notice my 3D heart shape is in a rainbow shade, i think it has a special power of cheering someone up instantly~

this kawaii heart made all my customers go awwww~~

cute polka dot ribbon~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Airbrush cool

NOTICE: Please sms me if u want to book appointments after CNY from 8 Feb onwards (:
I AM FULLY BOOKED FOR CNY ~ i have zero slots left babess so sorry!!

Thanks for yr support!
plain transparent base and airbrush lace (:

top it up with roses and crystals~~

i love the frills added to this set of bridal nails~

Friday, January 7, 2011

To babes tt SMS me n hav yet to receive a reply. I will reply them after 9 Jan, it's my best friend's wedding over e weekend n I'm super busy!
Sorry for e delay! I have about 30 unreplied SMS.

Do bear with me awhile!!
Meanwhile CNY slots I only have slots before 25 Jan!


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