Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi babes! Thanks for your SMS and emails!
I'm on (self proclaim) MC for this week as I just did a mini surgery to extract all 4 of my wisdom teeth earlier this afternoon, I went through it jus by doing local anesthesia. *brave*
Thank goodness I made the right choice by removing all 4 of them at one go as it is a very traumatizing experience for me!

Personal note: Do opt for general anesthesia if u are removing 2 or more wisdom teeth!
anyways! u can still SMS me for appointments from 24 October onwards! try not to call me as i cant really open my mouth to speak now haha~
do drop by here if u r free as I'm more free and I might jus post more pics!

Im seeing a few brides this week! see u girls!!

Signing off with a swollen face,


  1. You are so brave!!! I extracted all 4 at one go too but I really didn't want to know what the doc was doing (eg: cutting the gum, cracking the teeth, stitching me up etc), plus mine was a tricky case since my bottom 2 were angled at 45 degrees, so I did it through GA! Hahaha people say I'm a coward and I gladly admit so! The bottom line is at least I got it done ma haha. Wisdom teeth are really a pain! Just glad they're literally out of my life for gd now! :D



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