Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peek a Kitty^^

did this a few days ago for a birthday girl! she has pretty long nail bed, french extensions is jus perfect on her (:

paint on hello kitty features and made her 3D bows (:
not to exaggerating, simple and pretty!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pastel Puffy Laces

cant get enough looking at pretty soft pastel colours this season!
5 different pastel colours extensions!

enjoyed doing these puffy laces and the ribbons looks like its stitched on!

In a Bunny Suit!

pretty blue extensions and hello kitty in bunny suits! (:

kawaii bunny suits in peach and yellow! this was a crazy idea from a friend of mine.. turn out so cute!

not forgetting 4D blings embellishments!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bridal Nails for bff (:

earlier this year another bff if mine got married and i did a set of nails for her as part of her wedding gift (:

purple and white roses~ and i put in very small non-flat back crystals.. very very bling in real life (:

there were a few air brush french design but its kind of covered up by the nail art~

This is why i love doing bridal nails (:
I'm glad I can create the design for each and every blissful bride ~

Black polka dots

had a red version of this lovely polka dot nails. very cute in black too.


4D Blings

i had limited stocks for those huge bling blings~
these are non-flat back crystals, putting it gives a more 4D feel (:

this set of nails is really shiny!

lovely 3 layer bows~

Monday, June 13, 2011

Married to a DJ!

im seriously slow in posting these up! this set of nails belongs to a lovely bride who is now happily married to a 1003FM DJ!

i wanted to post this along with their newspaper article but i lost it argh~

anyway, purple glitter extensions and airbrush lace as base~
(my airbrush machine is alive again!)


Flowers and Bling Blings~

Glitter base with splendid white flowers and crystals~

my customers always say photos doesn't do these pretty nails justice! its true!
crystals are alot of shiny in real life!

thumbs :D

Dried inlays

Dried flower inlays in multiple colours (:
i seldom do solid colours extensions but this set really bring out the colours. Lovely^

a high gloss of gel top coat (:

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sanrio Friends

Silver base with polka dot style french.
black shimmer base for Sanrio Friends!

My melody and Hello Kitty (:
You've seen my Hello Kitty, meet her friend My Melody!

I learnt these Sanrio characters from a Japanese teacher who is certified by Sanrio, meaning there are special techniques to doing it and its authentic. haha~ at least i think it looks authentic!
don go for fake looking ones!


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