Saturday, May 14, 2011

Purple with Roses.

purple extensions with small roses.

french style crystals decoration (:

thumb design (:

Hearts from within

a set of glitter extensions with inlay heart shape flakes~
normally with such pretty base, nail art should be simple so as not to cover the pretty base.

jus a simple set of nails (:
pearl white bows on alternate fingers~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yummy Pastel Colours

this is one of the popular designs i've been doing!
if u realise it has zero crystals :p

pink base with darker shade pink french with white stripes.
then pastel colour hearts and ribbons!! im into doing multi colour nail art~


isnt it sweet?

Airbrush Frenzy!

*sorry babes my airbrush gun died on me AGAIN, im getting it fix asap! meanwhile enjoy the photos!*

i will always psycho my customers if their base have such intricate design.. don cover your lace design with nail art if not it will defeat the purpose~

airbrush with roses~

airbrush with bows~

very simple (:


very sweet natural colour base with white & pink airbrush lace (:
brown ribbon with white stitches and lovely hand made heart embellishments!

hearts with stitches on thumbs!


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