Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hearts & Ribbons

this is one of the designs i received enquiry on alot.
alot of babes email me this design and i finally get to do it.. did this quite long ago!
i have alot alot of back logs to do! bear with me!

mini hearts and ribbons!

very very girly design! shout pink!


  1. i love this alot!!! im having a 21st bday party on 10 june and is planning to do gel nails with designs like these! am a fan of ribbons and hearts~

    also, i saw some designs back in 2010 where you customised 2 nails with the words "uknow" and "yunho" on one of your customer nails! i happen to be a fan of him too lol~

    please enlighten me on the prices if i wan to do this design with mayb 2-3 of my nails with customised words and thanks! (:

  2. hi babe! do email me contact.thistlebellenail@gmail.com for prices!



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