Monday, December 27, 2010

CNY Slots

hi babes! i've currently 20+ messages in my inbox now and im still going on my busy schedule.

i will definitely reply u no worries! i will post up my fix timeslots n surcharges for cny slots, so please agree to e terms n conditions before confirming an appointment w me!

to babes who r interested in making an appointment, please sms me only! don call me as i don answe phone calls when i work! :)
i will only be doing acrylic overlay and acrylic extensions and express pedicure (single colour, no nail art/french) .

sms 90261583 if u're interested to make an appt! *don call me*

happy new year!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Colourful Swirls

Love taking pictures of nails in progress (:
especially if the base itself is going to be really complicated!

i applied the glitter bit by bit on all nails!

love the colour combinations chosen by customer n i (:
the nail art was a headache cos we didn't wanna cover up such beautiful base!

i hope i didnt overdo it!
puffy roses!!

the roses is really puffy~~

see index finger for nail charm!

Sweet Teddy~

a set of acrylic overlay.
mainly pink, polka dots!

fluffy cotton flowers and ribbons!

thumbs up!

and a cute teddy!


i finally hav my laptop back and im back to proper blogging (:
sorry for not updating!

for CNY slots please refrain from SMS-ing/calling me to book as the slots are not open yet (:
Christmas im FULLY BOOKED!! thanks for your support babes!! see u all soon!

im still loading pictures from my camera~ heres a set of overdued nails!


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