Tuesday, November 23, 2010

christmas slots open!

Hi babes! My laptop is still spoiled :( using my phone to blog..

Anyway christmas slots r open! I will only be doing ACRYLIC SERVICES.
Deposits r still required to secure a slot!

Please SMS me for appointments!
First come first serve! Please don panic if I don reply immediately!
I'm working! :D

There's no surcharge for christmas ya!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


hi babes!!
please bear with my blog for awhile! my laptop died on me and im blogging using my blackberry!

hopefully my laptop can be fixed by this week! so sorry to those tt email me! i'll reply as soon as my laptop heals!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitty ちゃん

Sorry babes! I have alot to update but I jus have too many things happening and I squeeze out this spare time I have to blog this set of kawaii nails!

I've finally put what I learn in HK into good use (:
see who is this?

One of Sanrio's favourite famous character! (:
guess many people tat browse this post already knew!

its Hello Kitty!
i've attempted Kitty over the past few months and I am proud to say I can finally do an authentic Hello Kitty!
Thanks to my にほんせんせい!
Shes e only manicurist certified by Sanrio (:

Lovely 3D heart with pink borders and red words shouts Kitty !

and the signature bow on her head (:

girls who are Kitty fans! u can have Hello Kitty on your nails now! (: (:
you can choose pink, red, blue etc! any colour that suits u~

I had time to practice doing before I see this customer, I made a red Kitty below (:

this was my 2nd attempt practising, the 1st time round was a disaster.. lol! i took pictures of it but im not posting it up! haha!
I will open up my Christmas slots end of next week, please refrain from SMS/calling me to book for Christmas or CNY (the slots are not open yet!)
Meantime I will try to do some Christmas nail art ya?


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