Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowery Bride

This set of nails belongs to a lovely customer of mine, who made an appointment with me through twitter (:
(picture credit to her wedding photographer, the photo is soo lovely!!)

It was kind of a last minute thing cos she was sooo busy with her wedding preperation and she forgot about her nails!
This set of nails were done the night before her wedding, finished at midnight (:

Glittery extensions and and painted swirls to add on the elegant feel~

lovely 2-tone flower created by myself (:
so if you see this anywhere else, the original nail artist who did this is ME (:
credit me pls!

overview of the nails~ ahh lovely^^

her thumbs (:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Full of Roses (:

pretty roses on all fingers (:

been quite sometime since i've done nails with all the same designs (:
quite classy looking!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heart Bow ~

apologies for the lack of updates!
I'm currently in medical condition right now and I'm gonna get treated at Raffles Hospital tomorrow morning!
Hopefully I will regain my hearing tomorrow!
Its been block for an entire week! :(

heres a set of extension done after browsing Nail Max. theres this lovely set of nails with roses, hearts and this layered lace that i've never seen b4~~

see how fluffy it is? (:

modified a bit and made a cute bow (:

crystals added to these set of nails too! (:
added this heart pearl right in the middle! looks cute!

Hand drawn Lace (:

exact set from Nail Max (:
if u're a frequent reader of my blog, you should realise then I seldom do handpainting nail art (:

very sweet and elegant nails!
suitable for brides too!

overview of the nails,
its done on acrylic overlay.

love this shade of pink!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gothic Skull~~

soo..... what can u get from, "I would love to have gothic nails for my birthday (:" ??
its gonna be drawing & drawing ~

then brainstorm on how to get it done!
think of colours & theme~~

ta-dah!! im nuts! i did these in the middle of A.M and got too high till i can't sleep!
pretty skulls with PINK HEART EYES (:

just HAVE to top up a glossy finish to protect this 4D skull and stuck them on this babe's nails!

overall of these nails is jus perfect!

close-up of these skulls (:
got bone somemore~

got ribbon somemore (:

love these lacey effect on the index fingers!
its quite popular in Japan now!

Roses Inlay^

customer chose 2 shades of lovely blue and red (:

lovely choice of red cos the rose can be seen more clearly (:

something for you babes to see how the thickness is even after inlays (:

Inlays are nail art embedded within the nail extensions itself.
The finished nails will have a smooth surface and its amazing to see how a nail art can be seen within the nail itself!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In for Stars & Hearts^

lovely home-made 4D nail art (:
Roses - school taught~
Ribbon - Self-taught~

lovely overlay with hearts and star flakes inlay^

simply & pretty to look at... didn't add to many designs cos customer didnt want to cover up the pretty flakes (:

colour pastel roses (:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dark Utopia~

its like dark paradise (:

im quite into mixing my own acrylic powder~
this dark grey glitter extensions is my proud creation (:

the crystals look like they are dangling ~
and of cos flowers and hand-made butterfly!

overview of the nails (:


Pink Sweetheart (:

if u realise my picture sizes are larger (:

this set of nails belong to a missy (: shes having her long holiday and she decided to go all out for her nail art!
pink glitter extensions and 4D embellishment (:

lovely sweetheart bow!

i love doing a slightly longer extensions as it will compliment your fingers and the nail art as well, it doesn't make everything look cramped together^

her thumbs! she has such fair skin!


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