Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clover Inlays!

Since its another sleepless night for me i shall post up another inlay nails!

purple inlay with lovely clover!
i love to do layering for inlays as it will hav a more 3D look (:

added huge blings to brighten e look!

loving this clover!

im fully booked till 13 June!
You can contact me for appointments after that!

Thanks babess!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My white & metallic nails~

this is a set of overlay (:
customer requested for white base~~

after adding french (:

fluffy now and crystals!

see the crystals form a heart shape?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New MOO !!

title says it all~
Inspired from the previous set of A Trip to MooMoo Farm

new moo moo!! with body this time! so kawaii!!

closeup of this cute cow! (:
love this to bitss!

Pink tips

Apologies for the lack of updates!
even my customers is complaining about it =x

heres a set of 2 tone pink extensions~

both 3D and inlay flowers for this babe (:

loving the crystals! adding jus a few crystals doesn't make your other nails look boring!

closeup of thumbs (:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elegant Red & Black Roses

this is a daring bride (:
she didn't mind having longer extensions bcos its her wedding!
its a once in a lifetime thing, she makes sure her nails are perfect for the occasion!

red and black roses (:
mainly red cos shes wearing a striking red gown!

she loves the bouquet of roses i did e other time, she requested for red & black and heres what i made for her on the spot!

huge HUGE diamond on her thumb!
she mention she loves bling blings too!

clearer view of my sculpture extensions (:
*click to enlarge*

holding my bb (:
im still quite tired from past week but its full fledge work for me till end of may^^
have a good rest everyone!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Be back soon!

Thanks babes for your kind messages (:

I'll be back blogging soon!! (: (:

*add on*

my appointment is full till 31st may~~
babes can text or call me for appointments from 1st June onwardss (:

I will reply tags later!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silver Leopard

By the time you babes see this post,
Im busy doing nails!!
hahas! this is a scheduled post (: (:

entertain u babes with nail photos during boring work hours, boring lectures in school etc etc ...

this girl pass me this printed A4 size photo of this set of nails and requested to do an overlay on her long & pretty natural nails~

see compare her real nails & e photos!!

i enjoyed painting this set of leopard prints,
the e prints consists of pastel purple & black~ perfect combination! (:

leopard design hearts with silver beads embellishment~~

lovely thumbss!! (: can't believe i manage to squeeze in 3 hearts into her thumb!
okies! thats all for now!
enjoy your day^^

Purple Night Sky^

design is inspired by Nail Max~

this is one of the most tedious base i've ever done =x
it consists of a 3-tone glitter, glitter flakes + pink paint stripes jus the base itself!

this is done on real nails, acrylic overlay.

Overlay means applying thin layer of acrylic / gel over your natural nails, no extensions involved.
People choose to do this because nail art and crystals lasts longer on artificial surfaces (:

finished set!

lovely ruffled flowers~ im loving the texture i've created on the flower~
and it looks almost like what it is on Nail Max! (: (:

i cant stop staring at the base colour its soo pretty^^

the left thumb is extension as one of her nail broke~~
closeup of the flower~~

White Pearl~

quite into transparent glitters nowadays^^
and especially customers with pretty nail bed! i will encourage them to try it!

heart shape & round shape pearls added onto the extensions ~

closeup of the pretty pearls & blings~~

Oishii nails!

owe this customer an apology as im taking forever to load her nails up!
and this set of nails was done right after CNY =x

shes in love with my previous Dessert Nails (:

this was her birthday nails (: hee

macaroons! & donut!

my famous triple scoop ice cream!!
this time with rasberry swirls! heehee

yummy crepe!! hahas!! customer n i was sooo in love with this crepe!!

and not forgetting th cupcakes!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

on a random note =x

this is a super random post but when i first saw this i know i must take a photo of it and show it to u peeps!

presenting my nail model's nails (:

she was my nail model for Pink Room Cup 2009, and I did her CNY nails in Feb..
she came late march to get her overlay removed and this is what is her nail length before i have to cut it SHORT.

so long, pretty and straight (:
normally my customers will say after removing acrylic on their fingers, their nails are weak & soft etc.
My nail model's nails?

Strong and hard (:
woohoo** love her to bitss!!

this was her nails when i won the french gel extensions (:
i had to snip off all her long nails to get this extensions done!

Prretty in Pink~

im lucky cos im a girly person =x
many of my customers are girly like me, loves Pink (:

pink set of bridal nails with extensions (:
fluffy heart with mini flowers~

closeup of thumbs^

love the nail art on my sweet pink base. it jus goes perfectly for her wedding!!

everytime i hear brides complaining to me how tired they are preparing for their wedding, and i hear many interesting themes for weddings (:

plus im a busybody, i love to ask hows their proposal, now my mind is filled with different kinds of unique ways of proposing, my future husband is gonna have a hard time thinking how to propose to me!! =x

Its Kitty again~

did this nails requested by a manicurist friend of mine (:
its her vacation nails to Taiwan!!

its been quite sometime since i've moulded kitty~
glitter flakes extensions is sweet^^

her favourite ribbons in cream pink & she used e last of it! lol!
sometimes doing something new is challenging for me as im afraid it won't look nice~

especially if u're being requested to do an existing cartoon character, it makes it even more challenging to make it look like the real thing.

Thats all for Kitty^^


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