Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pink Inlays~

this set of inlays are done on a soft pink base (:
unlike my previous inlays which are done on matte purple and blue~

inlays are nail art embedded within the nail extensions, its not easy to achieve as i have to maintain the thickness of the nail.

Thick looking nails doesn't mean it can last longer, its a misconception of many customers (:
As long as the nail structure is done correctly, inlays can look thin and pretty ^^

lovely crystals decorating other nails so that they wont look "left out"

close up (:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rose Garden - 蔷薇 + Notice

May promotion >>>here<<<

Notice : From May onwards, a deposit of $25 is required to secure your appointment.
The deposits are non-transferable and non refundable for no shows (:

I do seek your understanding for this new implemented rule because ever since I started this business, I gave customers my trust that they will turn up for their appointment thus I didn't collect deposits.

But a minority of them just have to break the trust and decided to go missing in action without informing me.

This is my full time job and I can't have customers not exercising responsibility on their own. Apologies to u babes but this new rule has to be strictly followed from 1st May 2010 (:


i was suddenly inspired to create a set of full bloom roses (: and tadah! i jus love creating petals of roses~~ pink glitter flakes pat into the transparent glitters~
super lovely^^

dual tone roses with leaves~~
this set of nails isn't complicated and it makes people wanna have a closer look at the details of the roses~

the 4th finger had 2 roses on it (:

another favourite set of nails on top of my favourite list ^^

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hearts Hearts~

i've jus updated my personal blog with latest Majolica Majorca cosmetics!
do click to read! >>> click <<<

some readers might have already seen this set of nails on Xuesha's blog (:
i shall post up this set of pretty nails!

french extensions plus consistant hearts nail art with crystals all round!!

although all nail art is the same, it doesnt look boring at all!
this babe requested to have nail charms added!

i so feel like having this set on my nails! (: (:

Polka Dotsss!

After my Polka Dot Dot craze!
its time for full polka dot nail art~

my new carat crystal! it looks like a crystal bind together like a carat ring =x

this bling bling makes my cute ribbon more elegant! heehee

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May Promotion!

Promotion for May 2010 is up!! do click the button on the right for promotion!!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Attention seeking nails =x

as i do nails, i love to peep at people's nails.. if they do any nail art to their i will try my best to "zoom" my eyes to the nail art on their nails!

Well this set goes without saying, jus that 4D ribbon is good enough to attract attention!

i tried on the new acrylic colours i bought and it is GORGEOUS!!!

sweet pink glitter extensions and on the fourth finger its glitter flakes extensions!!

her attention seeking thumbs!

I receive feedback from this babe that even she buy food at food court got people keep asking where she do her nails! lol! she say its quite shiok for pple to look at her nails! heehee~~

Sweet Boost~

this is a set of bridal nails done on an air stewardess!
lovely 4 petal flowers to boost up the bridal nails!

love the nail art details on her fourth finger!

her thumbs (:
i realise its quite a trend to go to Taiwan for bridal photoshoot! most of my customers are flying there for their photoshoot and i must say the photos are really LOVELY!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm wearing leopard!

wearing leopard on her nails la heehee~
this babe is going to Japan for holiday, so must have CHIO nails to show the Japanese there (:

leopard prints on pink tone!
added ribbons n hearts ~

customer suggested something 4D, thus i made this leopard heart in classic gold to match the look! (:

its fun to hear from customers how foreigners "molest" their hands over their nails (:
means they like it ya!

her thumbs! *hearts*

Wheres my bouquet??

finally i get to use te bouquet of roses i learn in school on my customers!

glittery extensions with 3D roses (:
perhaps the butterfly and the bouquet has caught your attention already^^

handmade roses in a bouquet (:
i think its extremely suitable for brides dont u think? (:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rose on blue~~

roses are red white on blue surface (:

glittery dark blue extensions plus white roses~~

i enjoy creating e details for roses, though its a lil time consuming~~
but the layering effect for roses never fail to amaze my customers!

another view of the nails!

Touch of Red~~

this is a set of acrylic overlay~~
slanted french using red and crystals!...

i love e duo-tone flowers.. somehow adds elegance to the set of nail art!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flowers on Glitters~

Miss M customer (:
i see her every 14 days~~
she had her extensions on for so long until she decided that her nails r long enough to do an overlay (:

she chose lovely gold glitter and sweet pink to create a double line base for her flowers!

flowers casketing down from corners ohhh so lovely!!!

Simple yet catchy (:

here are 2 sets of acrylic extensions (:
the nail art done are quite simple, but its eye catchy at e same time!

soft pink colour use and multi coloured crystals r used!
customer requested for a pearly ribbon to be added!
*and it came back 2 weeks later still intact*

added a pink crown for her! (:


this is a set of glittery extensions (:
crystals added to create a french nail effect~~

lovely ribbon with dangling effect!
i love making this ribbon everytime! so fluffy looking! (: (:


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