Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How I enter into this business?

If you're interested to know how I enter into nail business,
you can read here (:

Rabbit Rabbit!!

this babe came for infills and i was telling her i haven't been doing "new" nail art since CNY.. lol~~

after the nail art is done.. it looks soooo SWEETTT~~~~
hearts and candiesss.....

but the most "high' part is.................................

OMG 兔兔!!!

lil rabbit giving u heart heartt (: (:
super loving this! customer and i said OMG hundreds of times cos its soooo cute!!

dont u agree? (:

Dreamy Lilac Flowers!

silver glittery overlay for pretty bride going for her photoshoot!

if u notice her fourth finger is a different colour (:

its a rather simple and elegant set for bridal photoshoot (:
i love chatting with brides.. looking at them prepare for their wedding,
all the hard work put in is worth it! (:

Black or White

this is a set of manicure done with black and white flowers! (:

close up (:
i add a crystal in e middle of the black flower to make the flower more obvious~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

oh so sweet!

my recent post are nails done quite sometime ago~~
and at that time, i was literally obsessed with hearts and ribbons!

my handmade ribbon and my purchases of overseas loots!

this is a set of overlay~
in pinkish-red tone~~

lovely ribbons!

the "8-carat" diamond on the thumb =p
its really big and shiny in real life!

Blue Inlays!

everytime when my customers choose to do inlays,
they will want inlay flowers on maybe 2 - 4 fingers (:

seldom i have customers who will request inlays on all 10 fingers :

striking blue!
and i don't know why i jus love creating the above flower on inlay nails!
cos it has this layered effect but the nails are thin at the same time!

thumbs (:

Sweet Pink 2 (:

this is a set of pretty soft pink nails! (:
for a birthday girl!

its really girly after adding the lace and ribbons!

the whole outlook of the nails (:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Simple nails!

heres to set of simple nails to "mild" your eyes abit~~ heehee

this is a set of overlay~
i added crystals on non-bow nails~~ all the nails are decorated but simple (:

sometimes people say "less is more" hehe
its true~~

this is a manicure done on a birthday girl! (:
sweet pastel colours are used for this set of nail art!

Sweet Pink l

i have a few sweet pink nails (: above is a set of overlay~~
ribbons & lace!

Friday, March 19, 2010

a trip to Moo Moo Farm~

*click click to enlarge*

its jus this funny comic strip thing my customer n i thought of while we were taking pictures of the final product! (:
i cant believe i actually managed this whole set of moomoo nails!
that milk bottle is really cute!! hee
tis set of nails were done in jan~ sometimes i jus take sooo long to update my blog~~ i'll upload more over the weekend! (:
ps. this set of nails came back 2 weeks later with everything intact! especially the pair of cows! i took soo long to pluck them out!

Polka dot dot . .

jus a classic manicure with french polka dots!

added acrylic flowers and it jus lightens up the nails!
how lovely (:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chinese New Year *volume 4*

Sorry for not updating babes!
heres my final volume for CNY nails!
then im gonna post MY CNY nails (:

Roses & Butterflies

i did some handmade roses~

i love pastel colours (:

a lil off topic but i realise none of my customers chose my silver butterfly.. lol~
i love the roses! took me quite sometime to finish this but im glad i managed e timing quite well! heehee~

close up view~~

must show off more of the roses! heehee pretty?? ^.^

Hearts Base Favors

lovely nail base with heart sape flakes inlay^

this set was done quite fast as there are minimal 3D nail art~~
sometimes i love how my nail charms can be put together to portray a theme (:

crystal butterfly! (:
i've no more of these butterfly left :( only matte colour ones available!

My Sweet Valentine in Lilac
this is a similar design as My Sweet Valentine in CNY post volume 2 (:
modified the design abit as the customer wanted more bling blings!

what a lovely sight! (;

White Patches
i enjoyed creating the base for this set of nails!
the white tip was in a uniform "messy" feel (:
the shimmery base colour is nail polish from Eternal, its one of my favourite choices of colours for bridal nails (:

added heart shape pearls, ribbon charms and crystals to finish off this set of nails (:

Last but not least, my sister's nails (:
jus nail polish!
and simple nail art!

she wanted a shade of blue for her nails as shes wearing a light blue prints cheongsam for CNY (:

YAY!!! finally finish posting (:
i jus added a banner for my nail school, The Pink Room Academy (:
i attended this nail school and learn my skills there! do click! (: (:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chinese New Year *volume 3*

i seem to take forever to load my CNY nails creations!
sorry but there r still more to come! heehee

My Pink Kimono

this design is a pink version of my Kimono Nails (:

i added a handmade 4d ribbon on the thumb! (:

Love Banner
this is how much a girl will do for their love ones.. hahas!
this time for her idol!
sweet sweettt! i jus love how the whole design looks it jus somehow matches n compliments sooo well!

self-made banner (:
Yunho happens to be my customer's idol from Korea~ her hp cover is his body... super SUI~ =x

i think Uknow is his other name i believe (:
i love that cute ribbon!

closer look!
babes u can write names of your bf too! hee it can such a pleasant surprise (:

Pastel Flowers

sweet lilac colour for the base (:

such pretty combination (:
i love the huge flower on her!

see the 4th finger! its pretty to hav a loud design jus on a couple of fingers its very attention seeking~

Ruby Stars

this is done by nail polish creating a gradual tone~ customer n i took a long time to decide which colour looks best!
there are star studs on the nails too!

added ribbon charms and crystals~~
crystals really never fail to bring out nail designs (:

Love Lace
hand painted lace!! love love^^
this design has zero crystals, its really quite different from my normal designs where crystals is really important =p
jus simple handpainted lace plus dangling charm...

ok more to come!
i hav to prepare for my next customer!


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