Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chinese New Year! *volume 2*

more pictures from my CNY post!
all are acrylic extensions (: (:

Purple Fondness
alternate purple and transparent purple glitter extensions (:

pretty 5-leaf petal layered flower (:
i adore this flowers as they give a more 3D effect!


close up! i love the swirls around e flower! its created by acrylic too! (:

Flutter-Wings II

my camera captured the colour a lil brighter than the original red colour!
i did inlay butterflies! (:

and my pretty butterfly charm imported from overseas **
i decorated the butterfly with pearls, studs and metallic rose (:

the "body" of the inlay butterfly is crystal inlays too!
no worries it wont make yr extensions look thick (:
i guess that huge butterfly charms has taken away the limelight of my inlayss...hahas!

My sweet sweet Valentine!
this set of nails is for cny too!
but CNY clashes with Valentine's Day this year^^
i feel that this set of nails has a "love" feel~~
look how sweet they are! (:

close-up of my 4D ribbon and hearts, flowers^
jus one word: SWEET (:

Crystal Empire
i've done this b4~~
im posting the 2nd set!! (:
the clear base (:


i dont think i need to describe how shiny they were in real life ya?
its so OMG eye catchy!!
my eyes nearly went blind after finishing this set.. hahas!

Roseate Ardor

transparent glitter extensions!
i did a few mini-roses to give a slight tinge of elegance (:

my pearl ribbon charm! (:
this is the new edition to the pearl bow that i have!

customer didnt want a crystal-filled nails.. thus i jus added a few on the nails (:

Polka Dotted French

this design is inspired from Nail Max (:
i modified the design a little!
Blue Swirl
i mix 2 glitter colours for the extension base (:

and i added 5-leaf petal layered flower (: + swirls again~
hee i jus love sculpting them!

saw the dangling charm?
its one of my favourite hollow heart with a crystal in the middle! (:
is the butterfly pretty? (:

the thumb design~

more designs to come!
i jus purchase more Estessimo Tins polish and new OPI Hong Kong collection nail polishes!
my nail polishes bottles are bursting my trays and now i hav no more trays to place them!
need to get new ones! but hav to wait till march then im free =x

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010!! (: *volume 1*

Gong Xi Fa Cai people! (: above is me and my elder sister!
i can still conceal my super dark circles well after sooooo many sleepless nights!
im still "recovering" from my hectic week! heehee
i have like 200++ photos to collate! i'll post a bit first ya^^
i've neglected my blog long enough already, eye candies for u girls!!!
All nails are acrylic extensions (:

Swirl Dreams
handpainted swirls on glittery extensions!!

the flower looks like a windmill! hee (:

French Affairs

Classic french tip extensions! (:

blings added along the french line for elegant feel!
3D nail art + 4d ribbon purchases! i love decorating pretty nails!!

Candies Please?

customer and i had a hard time choosing which colour to put on each nail!
and e colours turn out soooo yummy looking jus like candies! (:
the 3d hearts were requested to be flat as my customer has to wear gloves to work!

looks like jello!!


Starry Light

i have Starry Night!
now i have Starry Light! hee

if u take a closer look, its really all STARS!!

shooting stars mimic by the chains (:

i added dangling STAR charm!
its really pretty! babes should try them out^^
its exclusively imported by me and only available at Thistlebelle Nails only!! (:


its gonna be another crazy design!
purple glitter extensions!
i bet u babes r staring at that butterfly!
its another charm imported by me! hee
the chain gives a feel that e butterfly is swaying~~

the butterfly will stick on VERY WELL (:
and the best part? it will not tarnish!!

Le Rose
customer had her CNY nails done and off she is to Japan for CNY!! (:
u see i added another dangling charm!

2-tone rose on index and ring finger~
this is really the classic design on nail magazines!
i will upload more tomorrow if i hav time ya! (:
i hope u girls enjoy viewing the photos!

mood for marriage!

lovely acrylic extensions for this bride to be! (:
its quite a sweet set of nails compared to some brides who prefer more glam or elegant nails! (:

im still collating pictures of my CNY nails omggg~~~ alot of photos! shall post some in a bit! (:

pearly pearly^

this set is pearl pink gel extensions with circle glitter flakes (:
added ribbons for extra sweetness!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sneak Preview of my CNY nails (:

i know its gonna be a hectic week for me,
i cant believe i actually finish 29 sets of extensions!
i was really really tired by the end of the week!

"clever" me, knowing that i will be too shag to be doing my own nails on CNY eve,
i got my CNY nails done on 7 feb night before i see my 9am appt!

i really meant CNY nails ok (:

heee hee =p
and i manage all 29 sets WITHOUT destroying my nails.. hahahaha!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sony VAIO Contest!

Dear readers i need your votes!! (:

I represent Odorikoya to join a contest by VAIO!
as i was busy with my nail appts in end jan, i managed to complete an outdoor shoot to suit themes that matches the latest VAIO Spring Collection laptopss!

The winning voter will walk away with a VAIO W.
Every Wednesday the Vaio Team are giving 20 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream vouchers from our lucky draw.
Remember there is 1 vote per NRIC only.
Voting ends 3rd March!

Visit and vote for us!

Thanks babee!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rock Chick!

dark colour extensions and adding zebra print on 4th finger!
this kind of design making one of the nails a different colour is super IN in Japan (:

dont u think its eye catchy? ;p

my lovely flower (:

CNY is coming!
i am looking forward to it and cant wait for angbaos^^
its gonna be a hectic week for me, must drink more water and chicken essence! (:

Purple indulge!

lovely customer came for infills and she wants purple! (:

jus simple flowers but the whole design looks so elegant!

i love taking close ups!
while i can take pictures of my creations, i can also "hao-lian" my camera^^

Gel Extensions!

this fashion mama has really good knowledge of nail extensions!
she came together with her daughter to have their nails done in dec 09 (:

silver glitter extensions with leaf petal flowers! (:

wanted to add some colours to the flowers, but i think leaving it white is nicer (:


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