Tuesday, January 26, 2010

yay to new loots!!

pretty pretty loots!
more on their way! and u can't believe what i have in store for u babes!! (:

a set of bridal nails done on 1st Jan 2010! (:

sweet pink bridal nails with 5-petal flowers~~

close up of flower~~
although tis flower looks simple, i believe the most simple things are actually not that simple to do (:
*it took me quite sometime to master putting on te 5th petal! (: (:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Updatess (:

i haven been updating for awhile!
my slots are full till CNY!

do call/sms if u would like to make an appointment on 18 Feb onwards! (:
thank you for your support! (:

a little sneak preview of Marjolica Marjoca first launch of 2010! (:
i was invited to be their brand ambassador for a year!
more details will be at my personal blog (: *soon*

its been awhile since i've done air brush nails!
jus simple star star dreams!

lovely star and heart shape glitter flakes used in this extensions!

close-up (:
i love air brush! it gives such dreamy effect on the nails!

Monday, January 18, 2010

bridal nails again!

lovely bride hands!
this design is a modification of 2 designs from nail max (:
it has handpainted lace & hearts, handfold ribbons, crystals, pearls, glitter flakes~~
looks squeezy but its lovely!

summer already??

i jus feel that this set of nails makes me wanna head to the beach! (:
sunflowers, watermelon so refreshing!

crabs carrying hearts on their back! how cute can it be??

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pastel Dreamss

this is a set of acrylic overlay (:
i did inverted french and painted lace above the french~~

using pearl purple acrylic powder, i did the flower on her middle finger n thumb (:
customer wanted a soft colour and not too striking~~

its been almost 1 year since i step into this line, im enjoying every moment of it!
sweet dreams people!

Crystal Empire

this set of nails is super detail..
i pasted the silver beads one by one as i didnt have my beads string with me..
its a simple glitter flakes extensions, the crystals added makes the whole set of nails very very eye-catchy!
i jus finish a set of moo moo nails 2 days ago! shall post them up soon cos they r sooooo cute!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


im selling the following Her Velvet Vase Oriental top!
i accidentally bought 3 pieces extra with my friend without knowing!! lol..
Price same as website at $25!
please email to herwalkincloset@gmail.com if interested!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vegetarian Food!

Hi readers!!

Any of you or your family members are vegetarians?
My mum is an owner of a vegetarian shop that sells all kinds of organic vegetarian & healthy food!!

As Chinese New Year is coming! With purchase of $100 theres free delivery!! (:
* after 7pm for delivery*

my mum's shop location is at 190 Middle Road, #02-23, Fortune Center!
its jus beside the famous 司马路 temple!!

For any enquiry or order of food, can jus call my mum, Leng Leng at 9759 1575 or her friend Bi Hui at 9236 4985!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Glittery Dream~

another regular's pretty nails!
she saw my glitters and she wants to try every colour! (:

green! (:
this is how glitter flakes are embedded inside the nail, thus the glitters will have no chance of chipping!

my work b4 filing!very kawaii!!
with dreamy hearts and lovely flowers!

i literally cant stop taking photo of this set of nails!

closeup (: i have transparent glitter on the nail bed too! (:

thumbss! makes my customer so happpy!
makes me happy too! (:
oh my god i love my job =p

Saturday, January 9, 2010

ROM in blue (:

blue glitter tip in french style..

i think this set of nails really compliment each nail art very well..
from the base to the flowers to the crystals..
it gives an elegant feel (:

close up shotss~ do note that the glitter flakes are embedded inside the nail extensions itself, thus it will not have any chance to chip off or whatsoever! (:
Thank you babes for your overwheming response for booking of CNY slots!
Thank you!
I can only serve a small fraction of girls, sincere apologies for those who were unable to book a slot with me, do hope to have a chance to work on your nails in future!! (:

Kitty Kitty~

this set of nails was done way back in Nov! =x

she wants simple designs on other fingers thus i added pretty bow for her (:
and a little bit of bling bling for kitty! (:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bridal Nails (:

2 sets of bridal nails i did last month! many of my customers love pink! (:

more 5 petal layered flower! its like e super "in" flower now! i've done thos flower on quite a number of customers!
i jus did this air brush nails yesterday! soooo wanna post them up soon!!

Silver glitter overlay

my CNY slots r still not open yet, please refrain from texting me to book an appointment ya!

once i got my hands on about 10+ bottles of glitter flakes~ i cant wait to try them on my customers! (:

this customer of mine has very long nails! (:

added flowers on her thumb and fourth finger to add an elegant touch (:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Feast!

How was your christmas?
i gave my customers pretty nails to celebrate christmas! (:

pink christmas! all pink (: and i gave eyelashes to the snow"man"

matching red and green for season greetings! (:

matching couple~ added scarfs for both as its winter season (:

a tinge of everything! snowman, socks, bells!!

and santa!! (:

mistletoe!! (: and presents! (:

se wants her thumb to look like presents too!! (:


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