Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pieces of Hearts~

quite into polka dot nowadayss~~
these few entries are long overdued (again)~~ hehe

cute heart shapes and some i added polka dots on it! (:
and don't forget crystals~

i've never created soo long heart shapes on 10 fingers! pheww!

and i manage to squeeze 3 onto her thumb!
this is a set of overlay ~ my frequent readers/customers will know this pair of hands (:

this is her 19th set of nails~

Monday, August 23, 2010

and....... ACTION!

received a task to do "camera" theme nails and i was trying out a 4D-camera nail art (:

how is it? i think its quite cute!
added a crystal in the middle!

jus a simple set of pink glitter overlay and hand drawn film (:
see the "action" banner? it was an impromptu comment from my customer that maybe i can make one of that!
and i did^^

close up of the camera and "film"

thumbs (:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blissful Wishes (:

designed this set of bridal nails for my friend who jus got married last month (:

i was inspired by lots of ideas..
her gowns, her dream wedding plans, her love her her husband (:
i was cracking my brain for that perfect set of bridal nails for her. i finally did it~

written their names on her nails too! (:
made a 4D ribbon for her.. heart shape that represents love~

stacked up crystals for that ultra bling nails (:

a dangling charm added too! i couldn't stop snapping photos after i was done!

huge crystals on her thumbs (:
love her middle finger!
there, my well wishes to her for her wedding! ~~

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pastel Garden

created the set of nails using pastel colours only (:

did a rose bouquet and add on e rest of e fingers with flowers n hearts!

this is a set of acrylic overlay (:

nail art lasts longer on artificial surfaces..

her thumb with a rabbit (:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sky blue Indulgence

thought of this set of nails after looking at the gowns for this bride (:
realise she has a thing for blue colour ~~

pretty double lace trimmings and flowers of cos (:

love the texture of this flower (:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cuties Injection!

customer that came for her countless infills =x
i must say, i see her every 14 days for one year already^
she even has a facebook album dedicated for her nails done by me~ super proud =x

enough said for this set.. lol~

love e index finger! made a bow out of crystals (:

usual ice creams and huge ribbon plus kitty!

Lilac Love~

bridal nails with soft lilac colour used on the 2-tone flower~~

pearl ribbon added as it was her actual day, she wanted something pop up (:

simple side petals for her thumbs!

Snow bride~

been doing quite a bit of bridal nails nowadays^
this set is quite simple but yet elegant!

white glitter extensions like snow falling~~

i gave her white rose instead of adding colours.
wanna make this simple (:


i love this customer's nail bed (:
she is willing to let me extend her nails a lil longer than e usual length i do.
dont u think it looks nicer when its longer?

happy birthday!

a set of birthday nails!

love creating crystal french! (:
super bling in real life!

2-tone flowers~

with my lovely kabuki brush (:
its for nails not my face.. lol!

and ehh my foot scrub bottle =x
wishing my customer a happy birthday!!
hope u like yr nails!

My sweet candies (:

customer came for her don't know how many times infill.. lol~
this is a set of acrylic overlay^

polka dot candies!!
plus fabric ribbon! ahhh** screams sweet**

love the ribbon! i have them in pink, bright pink and white ~~


pink bridal nail again (:

a set of glitter extensions for a blissful bride (:
im quite into my petal layered flower nowadays^

lovely pink~~


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In for stripes~

this is a set of bridal nails for an air stewardess (:
its kind of unique for a set of bridal nails..

i seldom do dark colours for brides (: suitable for red gown too!

acrylic extensions finished with red base along with stripes that consists of black, white and gold (:


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