Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pink Flowers + Notice (:

i did this set of nails not long ago and im super excited to post them up!!
this customer of mine love long nails and appreciates nail art alot^^

pink glitter extensions with full set flowers (:
this is the flowers in before i seal them with top coat^

I have my own ways of sealing nail art without having them turning yellowish,
nope not gel top coat nor top coat^^

see te full set!!! gorgeous (:

i love closeups~

thumb has one and a half flowers~ lol..

can't help to camwhore a few more pictures of these pretty nails!
both customer n i were raving abt them!

this set took me a long time to do but the time spent was worth it^


I will be heading overseas next week *excited*
and my appointments are filled till before I travel,

thus do make an appointment with me after 15 July!! (:


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