Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Purple Night Sky^

design is inspired by Nail Max~

this is one of the most tedious base i've ever done =x
it consists of a 3-tone glitter, glitter flakes + pink paint stripes jus the base itself!

this is done on real nails, acrylic overlay.

Overlay means applying thin layer of acrylic / gel over your natural nails, no extensions involved.
People choose to do this because nail art and crystals lasts longer on artificial surfaces (:

finished set!

lovely ruffled flowers~ im loving the texture i've created on the flower~
and it looks almost like what it is on Nail Max! (: (:

i cant stop staring at the base colour its soo pretty^^

the left thumb is extension as one of her nail broke~~
closeup of the flower~~

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