Sunday, May 2, 2010

on a random note =x

this is a super random post but when i first saw this i know i must take a photo of it and show it to u peeps!

presenting my nail model's nails (:

she was my nail model for Pink Room Cup 2009, and I did her CNY nails in Feb..
she came late march to get her overlay removed and this is what is her nail length before i have to cut it SHORT.

so long, pretty and straight (:
normally my customers will say after removing acrylic on their fingers, their nails are weak & soft etc.
My nail model's nails?

Strong and hard (:
woohoo** love her to bitss!!

this was her nails when i won the french gel extensions (:
i had to snip off all her long nails to get this extensions done!


  1. You do realize that her natural nails looked incredible, and the acrylics you put on don't compare. It's like shaving a woman bald to put a bad wig on.

  2. Hi there, yes i agree that her nail bed looks incredible and i was jus merely following instructions from my customer to cut them off. moreoever, her natural nails photo were taken after i removed an acrylic overlay i had done for her (which she chose to do so).

    and the gel nails (u referred as acrylic) was taken more than one year ago for a nail competition i had participated and my friend happened to volunteer to be my nail model, how am i suppose to get other nail model like u've mentioned if u feel that long nails shouldnt be cut off? All nail models are suppose to have long nail beds in order for us to participate in nail competitions. No?
    Its a requirement for the competition category i joined.

    I do nail services for a living, if my customers choose to cut their nails off for extensions, I'm jus merely doing my work. If cutting off nails offends u so much, by leaving a comment like this will not make much difference in this "messed" up beauty industry. U can google many other blogs like mine and leave a comment everytime u see people cutting off natural nails.

    You have your point of view for your fetish with long and natural nails, so i hope you don't assume that people should follow your thinking.



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