Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How I enter into this business?

If you're interested to know how I enter into nail business,
you can read here (:


  1. Hey babe, read your post... I've always loved nail designs, loved how long the nails were how nice the design was, but can i ask, what do you think makes a manicurist... I've always thought loving things would be good enough, but then liking my nails done and nice is different from loving to do nails everyday, and before i find that out i don't dare spend another 5k to go full-fledged into this... Any advice? I love your designs and your blog post helped shed some insight though... =) very helpful!

  2. Hi babe!
    Hmm i think passion is most important (: cos it makes me go on and want to create more nail designs to challenge myself~
    Well you only lived once, money can be earned back, besides u're learning a life time skill!
    Why not try learning first and see whether u're suitable for it rather than asking yourself in future "What if" (:

    Hope i helped! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. Hi babe, so sorry, didn't see the reply until now... thanks so much for the advice! <3

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