Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chinese New Year *volume 3*

i seem to take forever to load my CNY nails creations!
sorry but there r still more to come! heehee

My Pink Kimono

this design is a pink version of my Kimono Nails (:

i added a handmade 4d ribbon on the thumb! (:

Love Banner
this is how much a girl will do for their love ones.. hahas!
this time for her idol!
sweet sweettt! i jus love how the whole design looks it jus somehow matches n compliments sooo well!

self-made banner (:
Yunho happens to be my customer's idol from Korea~ her hp cover is his body... super SUI~ =x

i think Uknow is his other name i believe (:
i love that cute ribbon!

closer look!
babes u can write names of your bf too! hee it can such a pleasant surprise (:

Pastel Flowers

sweet lilac colour for the base (:

such pretty combination (:
i love the huge flower on her!

see the 4th finger! its pretty to hav a loud design jus on a couple of fingers its very attention seeking~

Ruby Stars

this is done by nail polish creating a gradual tone~ customer n i took a long time to decide which colour looks best!
there are star studs on the nails too!

added ribbon charms and crystals~~
crystals really never fail to bring out nail designs (:

Love Lace
hand painted lace!! love love^^
this design has zero crystals, its really quite different from my normal designs where crystals is really important =p
jus simple handpainted lace plus dangling charm...

ok more to come!
i hav to prepare for my next customer!

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