Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010!! (: *volume 1*

Gong Xi Fa Cai people! (: above is me and my elder sister!
i can still conceal my super dark circles well after sooooo many sleepless nights!
im still "recovering" from my hectic week! heehee
i have like 200++ photos to collate! i'll post a bit first ya^^
i've neglected my blog long enough already, eye candies for u girls!!!
All nails are acrylic extensions (:

Swirl Dreams
handpainted swirls on glittery extensions!!

the flower looks like a windmill! hee (:

French Affairs

Classic french tip extensions! (:

blings added along the french line for elegant feel!
3D nail art + 4d ribbon purchases! i love decorating pretty nails!!

Candies Please?

customer and i had a hard time choosing which colour to put on each nail!
and e colours turn out soooo yummy looking jus like candies! (:
the 3d hearts were requested to be flat as my customer has to wear gloves to work!

looks like jello!!


Starry Light

i have Starry Night!
now i have Starry Light! hee

if u take a closer look, its really all STARS!!

shooting stars mimic by the chains (:

i added dangling STAR charm!
its really pretty! babes should try them out^^
its exclusively imported by me and only available at Thistlebelle Nails only!! (:


its gonna be another crazy design!
purple glitter extensions!
i bet u babes r staring at that butterfly!
its another charm imported by me! hee
the chain gives a feel that e butterfly is swaying~~

the butterfly will stick on VERY WELL (:
and the best part? it will not tarnish!!

Le Rose
customer had her CNY nails done and off she is to Japan for CNY!! (:
u see i added another dangling charm!

2-tone rose on index and ring finger~
this is really the classic design on nail magazines!
i will upload more tomorrow if i hav time ya! (:
i hope u girls enjoy viewing the photos!

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