Monday, December 27, 2010

CNY Slots

hi babes! i've currently 20+ messages in my inbox now and im still going on my busy schedule.

i will definitely reply u no worries! i will post up my fix timeslots n surcharges for cny slots, so please agree to e terms n conditions before confirming an appointment w me!

to babes who r interested in making an appointment, please sms me only! don call me as i don answe phone calls when i work! :)
i will only be doing acrylic overlay and acrylic extensions and express pedicure (single colour, no nail art/french) .

sms 90261583 if u're interested to make an appt! *don call me*

happy new year!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Colourful Swirls

Love taking pictures of nails in progress (:
especially if the base itself is going to be really complicated!

i applied the glitter bit by bit on all nails!

love the colour combinations chosen by customer n i (:
the nail art was a headache cos we didn't wanna cover up such beautiful base!

i hope i didnt overdo it!
puffy roses!!

the roses is really puffy~~

see index finger for nail charm!

Sweet Teddy~

a set of acrylic overlay.
mainly pink, polka dots!

fluffy cotton flowers and ribbons!

thumbs up!

and a cute teddy!


i finally hav my laptop back and im back to proper blogging (:
sorry for not updating!

for CNY slots please refrain from SMS-ing/calling me to book as the slots are not open yet (:
Christmas im FULLY BOOKED!! thanks for your support babes!! see u all soon!

im still loading pictures from my camera~ heres a set of overdued nails!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

christmas slots open!

Hi babes! My laptop is still spoiled :( using my phone to blog..

Anyway christmas slots r open! I will only be doing ACRYLIC SERVICES.
Deposits r still required to secure a slot!

Please SMS me for appointments!
First come first serve! Please don panic if I don reply immediately!
I'm working! :D

There's no surcharge for christmas ya!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


hi babes!!
please bear with my blog for awhile! my laptop died on me and im blogging using my blackberry!

hopefully my laptop can be fixed by this week! so sorry to those tt email me! i'll reply as soon as my laptop heals!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitty ちゃん

Sorry babes! I have alot to update but I jus have too many things happening and I squeeze out this spare time I have to blog this set of kawaii nails!

I've finally put what I learn in HK into good use (:
see who is this?

One of Sanrio's favourite famous character! (:
guess many people tat browse this post already knew!

its Hello Kitty!
i've attempted Kitty over the past few months and I am proud to say I can finally do an authentic Hello Kitty!
Thanks to my にほんせんせい!
Shes e only manicurist certified by Sanrio (:

Lovely 3D heart with pink borders and red words shouts Kitty !

and the signature bow on her head (:

girls who are Kitty fans! u can have Hello Kitty on your nails now! (: (:
you can choose pink, red, blue etc! any colour that suits u~

I had time to practice doing before I see this customer, I made a red Kitty below (:

this was my 2nd attempt practising, the 1st time round was a disaster.. lol! i took pictures of it but im not posting it up! haha!
I will open up my Christmas slots end of next week, please refrain from SMS/calling me to book for Christmas or CNY (the slots are not open yet!)
Meantime I will try to do some Christmas nail art ya?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tutorial: Polka Dot Bows

i only had one tutorial on my blog =x
heres another one!

hope u babes enjoy viewing!

and you're done!! (:
love those pretty bowss!!
its in pastel lavender shade!~
i could not stop taking photos of these gorgeouss nails! (:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jus email me!

Dear babes!

I've jus remove the tagboard from this blog!
So sorry, I realise I always desert my tagboard leaving soo many questions unanswered until I have the time to do so!

Do email me with regards to any enquiries ok! (:

to passerby in the latest tag asking me how come I repeat designs.
If u can see carefully, though nail art on one ot two fingers might be the same, I've input different designs I do for other customers (:
Thanks for your curious question anyway!

Monday, October 18, 2010

more bridal nails!

heres another set of nails for pretty bride!

lovely lilac flowers and heart shape beads charm (:

closeup of this gorgeous fingernails!

her thumbs (:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sometimes simple (:

time to "relax" your eyes with jus a simple set of glitter extensions (:
done on a pretty stewardess!

nail extensions base is as important (:

Bridal season!

this set of bridal nails done sometime ago~
i was busy sorting out photos and i have SOO many pending photos yet to be shown here!

glitter extensions and roses of course~
quite into roses nowadays^

overview ~~


its non other than glitter extensions and french style blings! (:

classic look never goes wrong!

2-tone roses!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Nails 2

finally i've settle down from my busy schedule and can blog this set of nails done in early September (:

anyway, I've finally purchase a new air brush compressor and I can officially offer airbrush servies now!
and I have brought back many unique stencils from Japan! (:

this is a set of acrylic overlay, airbrush lace as base~

fluffy 5 petal flowers.

fabric ribbon that lasted very longgg~

designs on thumb (:
very elegant feel set of nails!
suitable for brides too!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Jus a quick notice before my customer comes,

I'll be away from 21 - 28 September and im fully booked till 20th September~~
Please refrain from calling/sms me for appointment unless u want to book for October onwards!

After im back from my trip im able to offer a whole new series of kawaii nail art!
and airbrush lovesss!

Thanks babess!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where's e kitty?

Hello Kitty fans will love this~~

a simple set of french tip design~~

leopard prints and handpainted kitty face heehee!

kawaii desu!

love her thumbs! i even added kitty ribbon (:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simple Pastels!

*WARNING* alot of pretty nail photos ahead^^

Customer didnt hav any idea in mind.. but wanted simple nails, thus we chose 5 pastel shades for nail extensions base (:
sometimes if the base is pretty enough, u no need fanciful nail art ~~

i added similar crystal designs on all fingers (:

seeing all these soft colours makes me melt already~

pastel yellow on her thumbs (:
so i started to get my customer to "pose" for my camera~
and i had this incredible idea...............

to pose with my Doraemon! (:

closeup if these pretty pastel nails!!~~
do u love it? (:


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