Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pink Room Cup 2009 + photos!

hi babes! how was yr F1 weekend?
mine was filled with work and stress over my first nail competition!

i was contemplating whether i should join the nail competition held by Pink Room as im working on fri and sat from 10pm to 4am~
im not sure whether i have enough "strength" and concentration on sunday's competition!
but i still joined in e end~

there were 5 categories:
1. Natural Nail Care
2. Acrylic Extension
3. Gel French Tip Overlay
4. Mix Media Nail Art
5. Fantasy Nail Art

after much consideration and given e time i have, i only join category 4, Gel French Tip Overlay.
i wanted to join acrylic too but its in e morning! i sure cant wake up! hahas~~

i found my nail model with pretty nail bed!
i only have time to practice with her twice b4 i started working for F1..

pretty long nails ya?
but it has to be all cut off! lol..
any nail extensions must cut off your natural nails~~

first practice was a disaster! nail tips doesnt fit my model well, e outcome made me sooo demoralise!
so i source for new white tipss~

this was e 2nd and final practice i had.. 3 days b4 nail competition~

i went to nail school to practice so that my teachers can give me some comments..
apparantly those set of nails u see above isnt perfect too =(

on e day of competition, i reached expo at 11 plus and clean my model's cuticles again b4 we go in to e competition area (:

my hands were shivering throughout man! lol and i was soooo sleepy as i slept at 6am ~~ hahas.. i was like a zombie that day^^
but im glad its over (:
i have to wait about 2 hours plus for e results announcement, so i slacked at Pink Room booth!

this set of nails is done by my teacher! (:
e model's nail bed is really long~
i introduced this model to my teacher and her hands are seen in a few well known magazines already! (:

all e participants were called to stage and receive our certificate of participation (:
and it was results announcement straight after, i was like "what! on stage? oh myy"

as i stood there listening to other category winners, my heart was beating very fast man!
especially when they were announcing my category winnerss i was shivering!

"Special award goes to ........"

"3rd prize goes to ......."

"2nd prize goes to ........"

by then i was slacking already..

"1st prize goes to ........ G34, Lim Junying!"

YAY I WON!!!!!
i really did not expect that!!! look at my shocking face man!

receiving my certificate! thats my nail school principal!

btw e guy above is my acrylic and gel teacher (:
he is e one that did e butterfly inlay nails~
super pro!!
he won so many champion in many nail competition and he is like "ban" to join asia nail competition.. lol..
so he flies overseas to compete (:
finally group photo with all e winners!

my manicure and gel teacher (: Ms Yumi!

my manicure teacher (: Ms Nicole!

my winning nails!

my model was telling me how the judges touch her nails, lift her hand to check C curves, check sides for perfect arc, using their fingers to touch cuticle areas, checking e sides for "overflow-ness" of gel~~ hahas.

my teachers were right! joining competition is really indeed motivating for u to strive more in your nail career!
though this is just a small scale competition~
its a fulfilling experience for me!
sorry babes im like so lor sor! hahas~
2 photos to share for my F1 weekend!

my feet were SORE after work each day..
wore 3.5 inch heels for 6 hours each day!

next big event for me : My 21st birthday! (:

i will be back to post more nail photos!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

4D Ribbon ^

Please take note of the notice!

I won't be accepting new appointments till 5 October onwards as my appointment is full!

Thanks for e support babes! (:

this is a set of birthday nails (:
customer wanted the 4D ribbon i did on my own nails few months ago~
its been ages since i've done 4D nail art!
but nevertheless! it turned out perfect!
added purple colour shading on the ribbon!

4D ribbon means i will self-make the ribbon using acrylic.
and paste them on yr nails!
no worries of it falling out~ cos i have e most secure way of pasting them! (:
to babes that want to do 4D ribbon u can let me know beforehand then i can make them first b4 u come. if not u have to wait for quite awhile for a ribbon to be made~
right jenn? (:
each 4D ribbon will cost $8.

my new purchases! (:

Food Fantic & Bridal Nail!

Please take note of the notice!
I won't be accepting new appointments till 5 October onwards as my appointment is full!

Thanks for e support babes! (:

this set of food nails has no crystals except 2 on the chocolate!
had a great chat with this customer! (:

this is acrylic glitter overlay with gel top coat!
added lovely flowers and blings!
this bride is heading to Taiwan for her wedding shoot!
so blissful~~ (:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NOTICE! and photoss~

Dear babes!

Just to notify that I will not be accepting anymore appointments till 5 October!
Im fully booked! (:
and I'll be working for F1 event too.. my schdule is tight tight tight!

Thanks for your support!

Do contact me if you would like to book an appointment after 5 October ya^^
and also apologies to babes that aren't able to book an appt with me, hope to see u all in October! (:


some photos to feast yr eyess!

classic manicure with glitter tips + ribbon nail art~

this customer of mine is only 12 turning 13! (:
pretty silver tips polish and i gave her a 5 petal flower on her thumb! ^^

pink gradation using 2 Tins polish (: and also prettyy 5 leaf-petal flower!

this customer of mine has really long prettyy nailss!
painted nude and black french (:
added pretty bow on her thumb, middle and last finger^
i have alot of photos i've no timee to post them up~ stay tune babess! (:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bridal Nail~

gold tip acrylic overlay (:
plus 5 petal flowers! added a bit of colour on the petals n leaves~~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Rose (:

this flower a new flower i done~ i think it look like a rose ya?
this set of nails is a birthday treat from a thoughtful sister (:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flowers & Ribbonss


very long acrylic glitter extensions~
decorated nails with flowers and ribbons, and of course added bling blings!

definitly a design suitable for any occasion!
its cute cos of ribbons,
pretty cos of flowers,
elegant cos of the blingsss!

Food Raves

after i've done my set of yummy nails~ i've received lots of compliments and of cos lots of attention from strangers~ lol
but no customers dared to try out this nail art until now!

see how yummy her nails looked!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ribbons Love!

lovely ribbons on all 10 fingers!
very princess feel after adding the bling blings! (:


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