Sunday, December 27, 2009

black gradation ~

this set of nails belong to the owner of this blogshop, Odorikoya (:
its her birthday nails!!!

gold french (:

this customer came to have her dinner and dance nails done (:
she has pretty nail bed thus this french design is suitable on her!
its similar to the rainbow glittery extension i did!

little bow!

simple painted glitter tips~
i added pretty bow on her thumb and 4th finger!
many of my customers love my pearl heart and can't resist to stick them on their nails!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cutesy Ribbons!

babes pls dont text me for CNY slots yet!
i'll be posting up on how to book your CNY slots as i will only allow through email ONLY!!
do watch out for this space!! (:

this regular of mine, Miss M
is obsessed with RIBBONS
and she agreed that "ribbon is in my blood"

she said she wanted simple designs since shes gonna have 3 designs of nails on the month of DECEMBER.......
i dont think this is that simple dear! hahas
i use different tones of pink for her slanted french base~

pretty bow i did for her^^

she loves her thumb!

Full of Love~

its the wedding season this month~
i've met many bride-to-be! i flipped thru Nail Max and found the perfect flower for this pretty young bride (:

i've added this 5-petal layered flower for her! the base took me quite awhile to do as there are stripe details too!
pretty pink base with glitter and stripes~ its like all combination of 3D and crystals!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rose Portrait ^

Thank you babes for the overwhelming response to my Christmas Promotions!!
*Please refrain from making appointments b4 24th December ya! (:

Thistlebelle Nail Boutique will resume service on 28th December 2009!!

Thank you once again for your support dear babes!! (: (:

lovely rose design! i enjoy creating the pink base with my newly bought Eternal nail polishes! (:
i feel it kinda look like a portrait of art!
and also im running out of ideas for nail names! hee...

i jus finish replying all emails! apologies to babes for super late reply!
going to bed now!
work tomorrow at 11am! (:

Good night all!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Promotion!!


Click on Promotion Banner for more nail art photos and prices!!
Call / Sms Junying 9026 1583 to book your appointment now!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Starry Night

acrylic extensions with deep blue base~
added flowers n blings!

i can hear christmas bells ringing!!!
and i jus finish 4 sets of christmas nail art with a manicurist friend of mine till late! (:
think christmas trees, socks & gloves, reindeer snowman!!
oopss no time for santa!! i'll do one if i have time ya^^

Christmas Promotion tonight!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some simple designs (:

showing some simple designs i've done some time ago (:

pink french with pearls (:

i used my newly bought glitter flakes n paste one by one for e above french design! its inspired by Nail Max (:

from Nail Max too! modified a bit!

been awhile since i've done classic french!

pink leopard prints design!

i've complete 2 chrismas nail art! shall be up for my christmas promotion!
do stay tune girls!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wasabi? =x

daring customer who tries out 2 tone GREEN extensions!!
it turned out quite pretty! (:

lovely yellow rose (:
if u can see carefully, the outer petals are actually inlays!
i have to rush out for a meeting! i'll reply all emails when im backk! sorry for e delay babes!!


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