Saturday, November 28, 2009


Just one b4 i go to sleep (:

Lovely babe that does rhythmic gymnastics came n requested for food nails!
i asked her how r u gonna manage your floorwork with all these pretty things on yr nails?
she answered "can (: i dont do lo!"

donuts, checked!
sweets n candies, checked!
macaroon, checked!
cookies, checked!
triple scoop ice cream, checked!
cupcakes with toppings, checked!

lollipop and macaroon! hee jus a small one though (:
rose flavour!

super love this!!
i was like "choose e flavours pls (:"
and its melting!

donuts n candies! see got topping somemore... hurhur

and cupcakes! normal cherry topping and i have the rainbow rice topping! its not edible ok! hehe

all the above are made from acrylic powder from scratch (:
not the usual ready made ones i paste on nails~

alright! another longg weekend for me! hope u all have a lovely weekend!! (:

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