Saturday, November 28, 2009


Just one b4 i go to sleep (:

Lovely babe that does rhythmic gymnastics came n requested for food nails!
i asked her how r u gonna manage your floorwork with all these pretty things on yr nails?
she answered "can (: i dont do lo!"

donuts, checked!
sweets n candies, checked!
macaroon, checked!
cookies, checked!
triple scoop ice cream, checked!
cupcakes with toppings, checked!

lollipop and macaroon! hee jus a small one though (:
rose flavour!

super love this!!
i was like "choose e flavours pls (:"
and its melting!

donuts n candies! see got topping somemore... hurhur

and cupcakes! normal cherry topping and i have the rainbow rice topping! its not edible ok! hehe

all the above are made from acrylic powder from scratch (:
not the usual ready made ones i paste on nails~

alright! another longg weekend for me! hope u all have a lovely weekend!! (:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


gorgeous design by yours truly (:
very princessie look!
just pink, ribbons, lace, crystals!!

pretty thumb with a 4D ribbon and dangling crystalsss~~
in pink (:

specially imported pearl hearts design!
i added glitter flakes within e heart (:
this customer is really daring to try out all my super OMG designs!!
and everytime i see her, both of us were literally super high when it comes to the nail art session!

now who wanna try this in blue?

Nail Polishes are my diamonds~

I have over 100 bottles of nail polishes!
and plus new brand!

eternal polish from Japan! this polish has very pretty pearl colour,
and it gives out a sweet smell after its dried!


Estessimo Tins colour! most babes should know how glittery these colour is!
and i also bought a few pastel colours too!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Star Star Part ll

i always thought ribbons only make good combination with hearts (:
but i realise ribbons are stars best friend too!

customer couldn't stop raving how cute the star was!
she wanted a more elaborated design as shes travelling to Japan!! (:
painted V-french and added 4D ribbon too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello Kitty (:

this customer of mine came and said "i wanna do hello kitty nails can?"

b4 applying gel top coat (:
i love applying gel top coat, it gives a magical shine to artificial nails!

look how shiny it is!

there are hearts, stars flakes embedded within the extensions! nice right! (:

hello kitty!!!!!!!

really loud set of nails!
there are 4D ribbons and MANY bling blings!

close up of hello kitty (:
the head is sculptured by me and face features painted by yours truely (:

it doesnt look exactly the same but at least its recognizable =x

disclaimer: this set of nails is done by customer request, i dont have any means to infringe any copyright or any form of legal dispute. its purely for own purposes

good night world!

Bridal Season!

3 sets of bridal nails! for ROM, photoshoot and actual day (:

pretty cute set of nails (:
acrylic extensions plus ribbons and hearts!

on customer's natural nails! this customer has to rush to JB for her photoshoot! (:
lovely bliings in french style and added black colour to her flower as she has a black detail dress as one of her photoshoot wardrobe (:

another set of red nails~
very eye catchy colour (:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Ribbon (:

pretty 2 tone pink extensions~!
i added lace and ribbons..
design is simple and elegant!

Inlays again!

this set of nails is done on NATURAL NAILS (:
this customer has really long pretty nails and she requested for flower inlays!
added crystals too!
it was done abt a month back, customer came back with all her crystals intact!

Pretty flowers!!

this set of nails was for a bridal shoot! (:
i've done this design sometime back too! this time i coloured e flowers n made it bigger (:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lotus (:

gold glitter extensions plus flower nail art.. i think it look like a lotus (:

close up!! i added red colour to the petals.. the effect turn out quite nice! (:

see (: look like lotus ya?

Air Brush Nails (:

Air brush nails are done by using air brush gun and compressor to spray a dreamy effect on nails (:
it took me quite some time to complete the air brush base...
but it was worth it!

the base was a criss cross french effect!

added pretty layered bows!

pardon me for the ultra messy table! lol..
what im holding is an airbrush gun (:

look at the pretty base!
air brush base single colour price range from $3 per nail onwards..
please only make appointment to do air brush if you're willing to spend many hours at my place!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Wedding Ribbons

do click on Promotion Banner on the right -------->>>>>>

i just had a busy day today! and i did 2 sets of OH-MY-GOD nail art~~

i have emails n text messages not replied yet! i will reply them when i wake up later b4 my appointment ya!

sorry to keep u girls waiting!

heres a pretty bridal nail art to share!
*click on pictures to enlarge*

its acrylic extension, plus pink shimmer base dap with white polish tip~~
this is the base..
look at the pretty ribbons, pearls, crystals and beads! they make such a perfect combination!

pretty ribbons on the thumbs as well!
design is inspired by Nail Max!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Promotion up!

I've posted November promotion up!
do click the promotion banner on the right for November promotions! --------->>

food raves + bling blinggs!
i never get tired of looking at these super pop up designss!
no worries of these cute decorations falling out (: i have my own special way of pasting them!

this is MY NAILS (:
i done infills from my previous extensions~ and pasted with my new 4D purchases!!
very OMG i know.. but i always over decorate my nails.. i love it!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Colourful Day!!

Babes!! I will up loading up November Promotion tonight!!
Stay tune!!
*and sorry to keep u all waiting!

heres one pretty nail art set! i heart it to bitss!!
very colourful!

this is 2-tone pink glitter extensions as base (:

theres colourful 5-petal flower, 4-leave clover in 4D, hearts, 3D ribbons and bling blingss!!

lace lace on the thumb as well!
so colourful!!


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