Thursday, September 17, 2009

4D Ribbon ^

Please take note of the notice!

I won't be accepting new appointments till 5 October onwards as my appointment is full!

Thanks for e support babes! (:

this is a set of birthday nails (:
customer wanted the 4D ribbon i did on my own nails few months ago~
its been ages since i've done 4D nail art!
but nevertheless! it turned out perfect!
added purple colour shading on the ribbon!

4D ribbon means i will self-make the ribbon using acrylic.
and paste them on yr nails!
no worries of it falling out~ cos i have e most secure way of pasting them! (:
to babes that want to do 4D ribbon u can let me know beforehand then i can make them first b4 u come. if not u have to wait for quite awhile for a ribbon to be made~
right jenn? (:
each 4D ribbon will cost $8.

my new purchases! (:



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