Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blue Kimono Tutorial!

As promised, I've done up a picture tutorial for Blue Kimono nails!

1. Acrylic Extensions done. Plus application of nail polish. (OPI H19, Passion)

2. Application of V-french using Estessimo Tins nail polish (030, The Silky Night)

3. Using nail art pen brush, add on stripes along V-french lines. In this case, shimery line green and white are used.

4. Add in the dotted flowers. Colours used are blue, yellow and white. (:

5. Add in acrylic 3D 5-petal flowers. Mixture of Charisma traditional blue powder are used for the flower and Charisma pastel green are used for leaves.

6. Add on the blings etc and you've pretty Blue Kimono nails!!

To archieve pretty nails, the structure of the nail extensions are important too! with acrylic extensions, C-curve (as above) can be archieved even if u have flat nails (:

Promotion for August 09! Have a set of Kimono Inspired nails at $120 only! (U.P $147)
you can change the colour to your likings!

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