Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i can finally post!

i did these sets of nail art few days ago right b4 i had problem with blogger!

this was love at first sight (: its kimono inspired!
V-french tips decorated with flowers and pearls~~
this set of nail art will cost $77

again~ im quite into food stuff lately.. the above set of nails are done using acrylic powder, unlike those 4D ones i pasted on my nails~
cupcakes, ice cream, lollipops, cookies and sweets~~ yummy^^
this set of nail art will cost $90~


to people who are still having problems with blogger, do follow the instructions below for users using IE7 and below:

Tools -> Internet Options
Click on "Connections" page tab
Click on "LAN Settings" button (if you are using Broadband)
Check "Use a proxy server for your LAN ..." checkbox
Click on "Advanced" button
Under HTTP type, input "proxy.singnet.com.sg" for proxy address and "8080" for port

it worked for me! i hope it works for u all too! (:

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