Thursday, July 2, 2009

gel and acrylic (:

lovely oval tips!
this is gel extensions + halo flakes embedded within the extensions + gel top coat~
i really encourgae customers to opt for gel top coat (additional $10) as it really gives a shiny finish!

pretty pastel hearts! design inspired from Nail Max (:
acrylic extensions + pastel hearts nail art + blingblings!
cant take my eyes off this cute nails!
pls call/sms Junying 9026 1583 for an appointment (:


  1. Hi,

    It was a nice post on nail art.

    Here is some important information on 3D nail art.

    The 3-dimensional objects that are utilized in Vancouver 3D nails are made up of sculpture powder wherein it is molded to desired shapes and sizes. These are then placed onto a hand-painted or airbrushed acrylic nail that serves as the canvass of the art. After being attached, this is now glued onto fingernails and that’s it!



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