Sunday, May 31, 2009

glittery extension (:

rainbow extension with gel top coat plus bling bling on her thumb, middle and last finger (:
im quite lucky to have customers that can really chit chat w me instead of having awkward silences.. hee..
she say she wanna hold the pole in that mrt train to let people see her nails..
thats what i always do too =x

golden glitter gel extension (: enjoyed working on her nails!
this design is very clean looking and eye catchy as it has this classic look which i personally love (:

customers that does nail extensions at my place always see i get super HIGH after im done with the designs..
i adore nail extensions so much but i seldom hav time to do for myself.. hee..
but im fortunate to have customers who love the designs as much as i do (:

*currently brainstorming for June's promotion~~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peggy's Nails!

pictures credit to (:

initial transformation~ transparent glitter extension plus halo flakes with gel top coat (:
shape of the nail is oval, its a very trendy shape in Japan, unlike those square round nails you normally see, this shape actually looks very elegant (:

after BLING-ED
i was super high after i finish her nails!

look at her thumb! stacked crystals, dangling crystals, black rose~~

happy birthday Peggy dearest! (:
i hope u love your nails as much as i do!!

Gel Overlay and Leopard Prints

zijuan's nails once again~
gel overlay with colourful holo flakes (:
unfortunately this picture cant really justify how colourful it is in real life!

miss B's long nails once again~
slanted leopard print nail art (:
may is coming to an end soon! im still thinking of June's promotion!
call/sms Junying 9026 1583 for an appointment today~~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sorry i've not been updating as i've been doing the same designs~~ hee..

this pretty lady here first time trying black on her nails.. turn out well!
acrylic extensions + "my black affections" nail art (:

look at this lovely shade of pink! with slanted french using Tins polish (:
added bling blings too!

do call / sms Junying 9026 1583 for an appointment today!
im happy to answer any of your enquires (:


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